This page gives examples of the bespoke blocks created by Wholegrain Digital.

Hero block

Looking back on 75 years

Our history

Some random text. Feb 2023.

Thames and Tower Bridge

Call-to-action block

Adds a some text and a button. Useful to prompting the user to take action. Some elements can be left empty for other uses.

Subheading Feb 2023

Play your part in Oxfam’s work

Our work has always been powered by the energy and money of our supporters.

Give now

A Call-to-action with missing fields

At a glance

Women and girls…….

Spotlight block

Spotlight subheading Feb 2023

Spotlight heading

Oxfam GB
Thames and Tower Bridge

Flag block

This allows two columns of text side-by-side.

This is the left column of a flag block. Feb 2023

This is the second paragraph of the left column

This is the right column of a flag block

Slider block

Creates a horizontal carousel of images. Used can slide images to see more.

Publications block

Inserts one or more publications on the page. Used for the home page.



Links block

Used to make a selection of tiles. Each tile has a heading, description and links somewhere else.

Cards block

The Allotment Underground

James documents his journey into the strange world of allotments

Themes Explorer Block

This block is only used on the home page.

This is intro text. Febo 2023.


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