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A woman lifts a scale with grains on the left side of the scale.

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Inequality exacerbates poverty and leaves millions of people unable to exercise their rights to a basic standard of life, health, and dignity

In our vision for a just world without inequality, all people are able to influence the decisions that affect their lives. We work to dismantle the structural systems of exclusion, oppression, and exploitation which allow a small elite to benefit from a system that has profound negative effects on the lives, health and wellbeing of the poorest people, women and marginalized groups, including Black and Indigenous People of Colour, LGBTQIA+ people and people with disabilities.

We work on campaigns which transform the policies and practices, norms and behaviours which perpetuate inequality to demonstrate that inequality is a choice made by those who have power and it can be undone. Economic inequality exacerbates social problems such as access to healthcare and education, decent work, gender-based violence, institutional racism, and youth unemployment.

We campaign for closing the gap between rich and poor; for universal access to health and education; for fair taxation of those who can and should pay; for more human economic models that put people and planet before profit. We work with active citizens to ensure they have the voice to exercise their rights in monitoring and influencing tax systems and public spending.

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President of the Food Bank, Shefali Begum. Oxfam partner SKS supports food banks and other disaster risk reduction projects in Gaibandha, Bangladesh. Elizabeth Stevens/Oxfam