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Woman overseeing hygiene kits in Mozambique

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Equal access to water, managing sanitation, safe hygiene practices and community engagement are essential to prevent disease and improve health

Fragile states, continuing and new crises are pushing the humanitarian system to its limits. Our work covers a wide range of contexts where people are vulnerable to WASH-related diseases. This includes working with communities to build resilience and delivering high-quality public health programmes which secure the health, safety, rights, and dignity of emergency-affected communities, particularly women and marginalized groups.

We support governments, civil partners and communities with holistic water resource management and public health promotion. This includes establishing sustainable governance of water resources at local and national levels and influencing people-centred health promotion interventions.

We also develop and integrate low cost innovations that offer sustainable and community driven solutions.

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Elsa distributing Oxfam hygiene kits in Mandruzi resettlement camp. Flooding had contaminated water and caused latrines to flood at the camp. Elena Heatherwick / Oxfam