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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I read publications online?

All of our publications are free to download. The majority of our materials are available in PDF format. To read PDFs you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Oxfam PDFs are set up so they can be saved and printed, but they cannot be edited and then saved.  Other formats available include spreadsheets, datasets, documents, infographics and presentations.

Why are some publications only available to download in separate chapter PDFs?

Many of our publications published prior to 2006 are only available to download in separate PDF chapters or sections.  This is because these files were digitized from the hard copy and were created in sections to keep the download file size to a minimum. Publications published from 2006 onwards should be available to download as a single PDF file.

How do I cite Oxfam’s publications?

Citation styles vary so we recommend you check with your own reference management preferences.  Otherwise, please cite Oxfam’s publications as follows:

Author/s. (Year of publication). Title. Publisher. DOI (where available). URL


Piaget, K., C. Coffey, S. Molano, M.J. Moreno Ruiz.  (2020). Feminist Futures: Caring for people, caring for justice and rights. Oxfam. DOI: 10.21201/2020.6348.

How do I get permission to reproduce Oxfam’s publications?

See our Copyright & Permissions page.

Are Oxfam publications available through any third party services?

Yes, Oxfam publications are available through a number of third party services such as Research4Life.

What are the sources for materials published on this website?

This website includes materials published by Oxfam International, and by affiliates of the Oxfam confederation. Some materials are produced by multi-agency consortia of which Oxfam is a member, or by Oxfam partners. In all cases the original publisher is listed. Oxfam is not responsible for the content of materials published by others.

How can I buy printed publications?

Oxfam print books are available to order online through the Practical Action Publishing website.

To order Oxfam publications offline, or for inspection copy requests please contact Practical Action Publishing directly.

How can I write for Oxfam?

Most of our publications are produced through Oxfam’s own programme, research and advocacy work. However, if you would like to discuss a proposal or joint publishing project, please email us

How can I publish with Oxfam?

If you are a partner organization and have an idea for a collaborative publishing or communications project with Oxfam please contact your usual Oxfam colleague.  If you wish to propose distribution or aggregation projects for our online products, please email us

How can I keep up-to-date with Oxfam publications?

To stay in touch you can follow us on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to the monthly Oxfam Policy & Practice newsletter, which is a digest of all the latest publications, blogs, project updates and staff profiles.

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