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Food & Livelihoods

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A woman dressed in a niqāb casts her net into the water from a fishing boat.

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Securing people’s rights to food, income security and decent work is critical to eradicating extreme poverty

We campaign for the right to dignified work and fair wages in food supply chains. Working to expose the root causes behind human suffering, we mobilize the power of people to challenge supermarkets and food brands to do better.

We also work directly with communities to respond to their changing climate, to become more resilient, and to secure access to land and natural resources. We take an approach that encompasses the whole market system, transforming the policies, power relations and politics that drive hunger, poverty and vulnerability.  By supporting women farmers in particular, we believe this can have a lasting impact on the ability of a community to feed growing populations and reduce poverty.

We also work to support small farms to be more productive by helping local producers use sustainable techniques and to work together in cooperatives and producer organizations, while advocating for governments and businesses to provide the investment they need.

Land is vital to our livelihoods and is the building block for access to other rights and services

Supporting Land Rights

In Depth: Land rights
woman in a field

Photo captions and credit

Anhad is a mother of 10 from Khnor Omerah. She works on a fishing boat catching fish to sell to support her family. She received a cash grant from Oxfam to buy her own boat and equipment. Unfortunately, she later lost the boat in a storm. VFX Aden/ Oxfam