The escalation of violence in Gaza and Israel is leaving people in Gaza in urgent need of humanitarian support. Please donate now.

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View of people's backs at a gathering

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It is through strong partnerships and collective action that we make a positive impact on poverty and injustice

We work in partnership with civil society, women’s rights, youth, faith and community groups as well as state, private sector, foundations, and non-government organizations.  We also work in allyship with organisations and movements where we share a common purpose.

Relationships with partners are based on a mutual respect for the contribution that each party brings. They are informed by shared vision and values.  We work on the principle that each partner works with autonomy and independence and that there are clear roles and responsibilities.  We also commit to joint learning and ongoing improvement.

We hold ourselves accountable to these principles and seek to be held accountable by our partners and those they work with.

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A group of people from the community of Gilo gathered to expose the effect of droughts. Pablo Tosco/Oxfam Intermon