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Development & Humanitarian Practice

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A queue of people in front of an Oxfam worker with her back to us. She is wearing a blue vest with the Oxfam logo visible in the back and a brown hijab.

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We are committed to contributing to collective understanding and improved practice in community-based work and humanitarian action

We seek to listen and learn as we go, regularly adapting what we do to ensure it is grounded in evidence and the voices of people who may be less heard, have historically been excluded, or have varied perspectives.

We capture, synthesize, and communicate evidence, discussions, voices, literature and more for practitioners within our own organisation, for partners and for others who are seeking to develop understanding and improve what they do.  Our goal is that this knowledge is continually updated and adapted to each context.


A visual story of shifting power

Take a journey from the dominant view of ‘development’ through decolonization, moving away from unequal power structures towards an explicitly anti-racist and feminist world where diverse futures thrive.

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Delivery of hygiene kits in Samandag, Hatay province in Turkiye. Mustafa KaraAli/Oxfam