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Private Sector at Oxfam

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Two beekeepers dressed in protective equipment stand in front of a beehive with smoke and a few bees surrounding them. One holds a frame while the other lifts a honey frame from the hive.

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We are working towards a human economy where businesses play a positive role in overcoming poverty and inequality

We want to harness the power of business as a force for good. We call on companies to take action to respect human rights and the planet, in-line with international standards and commitments, and to empower women and marginalized communities in their supply chains.

Where people are unable to access their fundamental rights or business practices are harming the most vulnerable, we speak out and campaign for change. Where there is an intent to address these complex problems, we work with companies to create lasting solutions and can provide advice on key aspects of social sustainability.

We also advocate for more progressive policies, practices and business models from both business and governments. We have worked on sustainability in business sectors such as garments, agribusiness, finance and commodities. Our experience with partners in more than 90 countries means we can work at scale.

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How we work with the private sector, from small and medium-sized enterprises to multinational corporations

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Santos Morenete checks a honey frame as helpers stand by. James Rodriguez/Oxfam